This page will include production queue for outstanding orders. Plates/Orders are not cut chronologically. Last updated 11/27.

✅ - Toolpath code done or packed and to be shipped.

🔨 - Configuring CNC toolpath

⏱️ - Cutting

Order queue Processing CNC Queue Post processing Packed and to be shipped on the next cycle.
8xmkii POM
Lin Whale PC Half
Satisfaction75 Umphwe (Black) ✅v
Snake PP
Haven65 PC
Kohaku PP
Glare PP
Lamy ABS
Fukuro POM
Derivative ABS
Alice PP
Bias Nylon
Jelly Epoch PP
Glare PP
F18x PP
Ecliptica PC
CW88 PP Warp test - PASS H88c
Keycult 2.65 PP Warp test - PASS Wilba65
Corsa PP Warp test - PASS 67mkii
Add Free Aluminum plate
Arc60 PP Warp test - PASS - H60
Arc60 PP Warp test - PASS - Zed60
Iron165 POM Black
Hoshizora PP
Satisfaction 75 PP
Cloudline 7u POM White
Bias POM - White
Cloudline PP 7U
Unikorn Stock ABS
5837 - Glare Checking uploaded plate file
Unikorn PP - 7u relief
Unikorn Nylon - 7u relief
Unikorn - Umphwe 7u relief